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The Right to Bear Arms


Hard Cover

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Written by Stephen P. Halbrook
This the first scholarly study of the history of the right to bear and carry arms outside of the home, a right held dear by Americans before, during, and after the Founding period; it rebuts attempts by anti-gun advocates to rewrite history and ‘cancel’ the Founding generation’s lived experiences bearing firearms.


“In the extraordinary and timely book, The Right to Bear Arms, Hallbrook explains why the right to bear arms outside the home is not only fundamental to the individual’s right to self-defense, but is an indispensable foundation for popular sovereignty itself.” – Stephen B. Presser, author of Law and Jurisprudence in American History

“In The Right to Bear Arms, Hallbrook has provided a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the New York case pending before the Supreme court, while elaborating on the historical and principled meaning of the Second Amendment. This book could not appear at a more auspicious moment.” – William B. Allen, Jr., former Chairman, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights